November 2017 Mesenger

November 2017 Mesenger

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The month of November is bookended by two wonderful holidays:  All Saints Day and Thanksgiving.  One is a religious observance (All Saints) and the other is a secular, national holiday.  They are, however, tied together.

The saints of our community, those living and those whose presence we miss on this earth, have woven the story and the history of our congregation and community together.  It is from them and through them that we can connect the past, the present, and the future.  For example: Luther Memorial began as a Sunday School, long before we were a congregation.  And so, we have a long and enduring commitment to teaching the stories of faith to children.

There are also humorous examples of stories the saints have shared.  I remember well Eunice Moe telling me the story of the wedding reception where the punch was liberally spiked and the whole affair became a wildly raucous event.  And another wedding reception in the Fireside Room where, before turning on the fireplace, they forgot to open the flu.

I can look out among the pews and still “see” those who we miss, sitting in their pews:  there’s Henry looking at his watch when the sermon goes longer than he’d like; there’s Mel and Anne smiling tenderly at one another and at each of us; there’s Robbie shouting Amen, back pew, lectern side.  How we give thanks for these saints of God, just folks like you and me.

Thanksgiving offers us a day for doing just that…for offering our gratitude and thanksgiving for the many gifts of this life, including those saints.

I hope you will participate in our worship opportunities related to these two events in November and to all of our worship opportunities.  This community of faith is stronger together (to borrow a phrase) and when one is absent from worship, they are missed.

As I consider these saints of God in this place, I name each of you in my prayers of thanksgiving.  I am so very privileged to be your pastor and to serve the Gospel of Jesus alongside you.

With gratitude,

Pastor Julie+