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The Messenger – February 2018


PJ’s Page – The congregation recently received a lovely thank you note and drawing from one of the second grade classes who participated in dance classes through Pacific Northwest Ballet here in our building last November. The class had drawn pictures of themselves and written a sweet message of thanks. It included this line: We […]

The Messenger – January 2018


PJ’s Page – January is a time when our thoughts turn to new things:  new resolutions, new schedules, new hopes for the new year.  Gym memberships skyrocket with those whose resolutions involve a new healthier body. We only have to glance around us at Luther Memorial to see signs of new things:  new construction to […]

The Messenger – December 2017


PJ’s Page – One of my favorite things about this season are stories.  I like to read Christmas books and watch Christmas movies.  I like to tell stories of Christmases past and hear others stories as well. In this issue of the Messenger, I’d like to offer you a story from our neighborhood.  These are […]

The Messenger – November 2017


PJ’s Page – The month of November is bookended by two wonderful holidays:  All Saints Day and Thanksgiving.  One is a religious observance (All Saints) and the other is a secular, national holiday.  They are, however, tied together. The saints of our community, those living and those whose presence we miss on this earth, have […]

The Messenger – October 2017


PJ’s Page – Five hundred years ago this month, Martin Luther started a reformation that changed the course of history.  Because of him, there is a Protestant church in all of its forms, and of course, there is the Lutheran Church. This month we will celebrate the Reformation in a variety of ways, from movie […]